FA/ FF Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Ensuring Perpetual Safety, One Inspection at a Time.
Our AMC service is a comprehensive safety net, offering regular, meticulous inspections and maintenance of your fire safety equipment and systems. This service guarantees flawless operation and reliability when it matters most, ensuring your peace of mind.

FA/ FF One-time Maintenance

Expert Care for Immediate Peace of Mind.

Ideal for immediate and thorough servicing needs, this one-time maintenance ensures every aspect of your fire safety systems is scrutinized and optimized for performance. It's a full-scale service for clients requiring urgent safety assurance.

Facility Management

Maintaining Excellence in Every Corner.

With our facility management services, every inch of your establishment is kept in pristine condition. From general upkeep to emergency readiness, we ensure seamless operations and effective response capabilities throughout your facility.

HVAC Maintenance

Optimizing Comfort, Ensuring Safety.

Our HVAC maintenance service focuses on keeping your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems running at peak efficiency. Regular, thorough maintenance not only enhances system performance but also contributes to the overall safety and comfort of your premises.

Refilling, Hydrostatic and Integral Testing

Ready and Reliable, Anytime, Anywhere.

Ensure your fire extinguishers and safety equipment are always in a state of readiness with our comprehensive refilling and testing services. We cover everything from replenishment to rigorous compliance testing.

Supply and Installation of FA/ FF Systems

From Selection to Installation – Safety in Every Step.

We provide end-to-end solutions in fire safety, from supplying top-quality fire extinguishers and systems to their strategic installation. Ensure your premises are equipped with the best in fire safety, professionally installed for maximum effectiveness.


Transforming Risks into Safety.

Our rectification service is dedicated to identifying and amending any fire safety shortcomings. We ensure your systems and equipment meet and exceed the necessary standards, keeping your premises safe and compliant.

Inspection and Test Reports

Certifying Safety, Ensuring Compliance.

Detailed inspections and comprehensive reports form the core of this service, offering a transparent view of your fire safety status. Stay informed and compliant with our thorough assessment and documentation.

Site Survey, Recommendation, and Consultation

Tailored Advice for Optimized Safety.

Experience bespoke fire safety consulting with our site surveys and expert recommendations. We assess your specific needs and provide guidance tailored to ensure the highest level of protection for your premises.

Industries We Serve

Crafting specialized fire safety solutions tailored to diverse sectors.

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