300 Educators in AFS Effect+ for the Classroom to Engage in International Competition

As part of the AFS Effect+ for the Classroom program, participating teachers are invited to work with their students in the Sir Cyril Taylor Young Leaders Awards Competition. The program, which begins with educators themselves going through the Global Up Educator course, encourages teachers to incorporate Global Competence Education into their curriculum. After earning the AFS Global Competence Certificate, teachers are provided with the AFS Educator Toolkit that contains specific lesson plans and resources for how to introduce students to these concepts using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework. As a culmination of the program and to channel new learning, students of the participating teachers can submit projects that address one or more of the UN SDGs in their local communities. Winning submissions will be judged by an international panel from the AFS community, and will rate projects on relevance, viability, innovation, and Impactfulness. It will be exciting to see which project is ultimately selected as the winner, but more important than winning is that thousands of students globally will be actively working towards the UN SDGs! We wish these teachers and especially their students the best of luck as they contribute to this competition!

Published on 06 Jun 2024